Ultra Regular is a hybrid of a community-based blog and a digital gallery founded in 2016 in our sparkly living room in Dallas, Texas.
Ultra Regular is a place for the people in our community, online and IRL, to experiment with their ideas. We cover art, music, fashion, ideas and creativity, both curated by our staff and submitted by our community. We present in-depth reporting, profiles and personal essays. We premiere photography, video, net art, music and anything meaningful you have created. 
Ultra Regular is a space where feminism doesn’t have one aesthetic, everyone has a soft side and your ideas are loved. All of our content aims to be intersectional, feminist, patient and positive. Our goal is for you to have a space to get creative, experiment with your ideas, and learn from those creating around you.
Come Play.
You can learn more about us and our goals here
Contact our editors at eliza@ultraregular.com or vicky@ultraregular.com to participate!