✨Cup of Rahman✨

Celine Rahman is just an ultra regular girl trying to make her art.

Celine Rahman is a 27-year-old from Syracuse, NY. She has made quite a name for herself in the world of graphic design over the past few years. Her Instagram account Cup Of Rahman has grown from 3,000 followers to over 30k, and she’s been reposted by everyone from Uggs (secretly every girl’s favorite shoe), to Cosmopolitan.

Celine’s account primarily focuses on pop culture and quotes that are meant to catch the twinkle of every millennials eye, however, the approach Celine takes is not what you think it is and at the end of the day her goal isn’t to be famous, or popular. Celine believes in her craft and knows it will take her where she wants to go, but for now she just wants to be a regular girl who makes cool art.



What was the inspiration behind starting the account?

Celine: I had always had a blog just for fun just to let my feelings show, then I started doing music reviews, because I wanted to be in the music industry at the time, but once Instagram started growing, I was like “Should I make an account for CupofRahman? And it just started to take off, I started having people repost my stuff, and I honestly never expected it to get this big, I was like wow. I try to pay attention to my audience to see what they like. 

How did you come up with the name CupofRahman ?

Celine: It’s actually a funny story. When I was in middle school I moved around a lot, the last time I moved a kid was like “OMG your name is Rahman does that mean you own ramen noodles?” And I was like yea my great grandfather owns Ramen noodles, And I kind of just went with it.  


Do you have a process when curating content for your account?

Celine: There are a few more subjects I pay attention to in terms of friendship, and romance, and friends, I try and find quotes that are real, and that people can relate to. It’s kind of hard to find, but when I do that’s what I go for. If I’m watching a movie, I’ll search it on the internet and screenshot from it.  

What made you start doing this?

Celine: When I was working at Elite (Daily) I started messing around in Adobe and started drawing. From there they (digital art) started getting picked up. I wrote this article that was titled “I love my uggs and I don’t give a fuck” and it took off, and did a picture for it. My friend called me the next morning and was like “OMG Uggs reposted your picture,” and I was like maybe I’m decent at this.  

What are some of your favorite pop culture icons or events

Celine: You know I actually came across this one girl her Instagram it’s called @hatecopy her name is Maria, and she actually has been doing all of these like Indian comics. She’s gotten super popular. I love that. I LOVE THAT she doesn’t use your average white girl. She has tons of followers, I had never heard of her, I just happened to stumble across her and I absolutely love her. 

What are some of your favorite pop culture memes?

Celine: Like where do I even begin? There so much trash on the internet, we don’t realize it but we are wasting so much time with things that don’t matter and that are none of our business to begin with, don’t get me wrong I love sites like Elite Daily they’ve done so much for me but you just have to take a step back. I was stalking people, and scrolling, and I just had to take a step back and ask who am I doing this for? I love helping people realize that celebrities are just like us, they’re human that’s why I love pop culture. With a lot of my illustrations I hope I help people to think again about their actions, or relationships, or think again about themselves… At least with my newer stuff.

Why do you think people like what you make so much

Celine: Honestly sometimes I wonder myself. My goal is to make everything that I post relatable, I really like to give people a laugh, I like it when people can relate to my stuff. Sometimes I do comical stuff, like for Halloween I did some beetle juice comics, I was obsessed with beetlejuice when I was younger so things that remind me of myself and my childhood kind of intertwine in what I post.  

What do see for your account and you in the future? 

Celine: For my account I’m not sure it’s been a challenge to find what my aesthetic is. Not just on Instagram but in real like I’m always in different in moods. I try to stay consistent in inspiring myself and inspiring other people, I hope to be able to look back at it in 30 years and be like oh you did something cool. It will take me where it takes me, I’m not looking to become an Instagram superstar, even coming home to Syracuse my friends are like “omg you’re Instagram famous,” and I’m like no I’m just a regular girl trying to do her art. Wherever it takes me it takes me.  

To keep up with Celine’s badass work you can check out her social media pages.

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