Tracy Morgan’s Episode of Juan Epstein is the Funniest Podcast of All Time

A tribute to the original Hip Hop podcast.

As the original Hip Hop podcast goes on an indefinite hiatus, I decided to pay tribute to what I think is the funniest episode of Juan Epstein.

Some backstory: Juan Epstein is a Hip Hop history podcast hosted by Hot 97 DJ & ESPN personality Peter Rosenberg and former Hot 97 DJ & current comedian Cipha Sounds. The show premiered in 2007, when podcasts were “internet radio shows”, making it the first in what would become a very long line in similar programs.  The main goal of the podcast was to have rappers, producers, and everyone else in the industry that could answer Rosenberg & Cipha’s most specific questions, clear up decade old mysteries and tell untold stories.

As Cipha Sounds’ interests in pursuing comedy grew, Juan Ep started to invite comedians for interviews as well. After a polite amount of comedy related questions and promotional obligations were completed, comedians were often asked a variety of Hip Hop related questions. What their first albums/shows were, if they ever rapped, all time favorites, etc. Every now and again you catch a comedian who’s friends with rappers and they share some hilarious stories (see: Aziz on Jay Z’s hatred of the movie E.T.) However it’s not often that Juan Epstein gets an interview with a comedian who is Hip Hop personified.

Tracy Morgan was born in 1968 and raised in the New York City boroughs of The Bronx and Brooklyn. In the interview, he talks about seeing Hip Hop in it’s infancy in parks. He jokes about the duties of a crate master in a way that real heads would understand. If you’ve ever seen him or even just heard Tracy Morgan’s voice, you understand that he IS Hip Hop.

In the spring of 2014, they had Tracy Morgan on the show to promote his stand up special Bona Fide. What followed was what is in my opinion, the funniest episode of all time. Tracy entered the room in great spirits and immediately had everyone dying laughing. He seamlessly went from giving Cipha a hard time about his greeting to allegedly doing Navy Seal Team Six’s job for them to his waves and it just goes on and on and you won’t want it to end. It’s like he’s doing a private stand up set.

Highlights include:

-“You ever flew coach on Air Pakistan?”

-“In the Godfather, Sonny would’ve lived if they had EZ pass.”

-“You know what kind of stickers are on the back of his wheelchair!?”

As well as many others that I don’t wanna spoil for you. Even if you’ve never heard of the podcast, I implore you to listen to this episode. On the most recent show, Rosenberg said he was working on making all of the archived episodes of Juan Ep available to the public. I look forward to going back and listening to these amazing interviews and conversations and I hope you find some you enjoy too. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight to you too, Juan Epstein.

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