Healing Spaces with Marina Fini

Inside artist Marina Fini’s plexiglass haven.

Known for her interactive performance spaces, plexiglass creations and otherworldliness, multi-media artist Marina Fini has a special way of capturing different energies in her work. 

A practicer of reiki and crystal therapy, Fini believes in the power of creating healing spaces. She was recently introduced to a concept started in the ’70s called Snoezelen. The idea is that multi-sensory installations can help increase enjoyment for people with autism and mental disorders. Once a niche practice, these types of sensory experiments are now helping even more people and becoming common in places like schools and hospitals. This type of thinking, and desire to transform spaces, has been evident in Fini’s work for awhile as well. 

Most recently, Fini, along with Emily Meehan and Sarah Weiss, put on a show called Goddessphere during Art Basel in Miami, essentially a feminist strip club that celebrated queer and femme dominance. During the previous Art Basel, she was a part of creating a 1960s psychedelia escape called Motelscape at the Miami Princess Hotel.  Next, she hopes to create a multi-room installation show called The Chakra Rooms where each room takes you through the seven chakras. 

I FaceTimed with Marina and got a chance to peak into another colorful healing space, her home studio that she lives and creates in. As we talked, she stopped to show me the objects she’s either created or collected. From crystals, to neon lights, to her plexiglass jewelry and art pieces, they all hold special meaning to her and the way she thinks and works.

Take a journey through Fini’s space yourself, below.

All photos by Marina Fini.