An Ultra Regular Playground💦

A ~digital~ version of our Playground art show.


Jacob Mitchell

Pierre Krause
David Morgan
Anayancy Gonzalez
Lee Android
Sam Lao
Trey Wright
Sabine Fletcher
Paul Winker

Laura Hall
Fela Raymond
Jessie Moncrief

Lindsay Ellary

Angelica Davis
Michael Felder
Fey Sandoval

Work by Anayancy Gonzalez.
'Crown of Clouds' by David Morgan.

✨DJ Ursa Minor. 💋💅🏾💦

Clip from 'Ads you can't skip' by Lee Android.
'Dont Police My Aerola' By Sam Lao.
Ultra Regular bathroom by Paul Winker.
Work by Jacob Mitchell.
Work by Lindsay Ellary.
Work by Trey Wright.
'a day is 18 hours' by Michael Felder.
Work by Anayancy Gonzalez.
Work by Fela Raymond.
'Blow Pop' by M4rz.
Work by Sabine Fletcher.
'I'm as broke as your dad's condom' by Laura Hall.
Work by Fey Sandoval.
Work by Angelica Davis.
Excerpt from 'Post-You (Still)' by Pierre Krause.

Let’s play again soon💦

Photos courtesy of Brenda Vega, Vicky Andres, Jessie Moncrief and Nikki Crouse.