The Secret Paths to Marina Fini

Artist Marina Fini's new installation juxtaposes the natural and the digital.

Known for otherworldly, one-night only installations, artist Marina Fini is debuting her first two-week exhibition. 

Opening in San Fransisco on July 15th, The Secret Paths to Marina Fini examines how digital consumption of nature cannot satisfy the desire to connect with nature organically. 

Motelscape installation at Art Basel in Miami, 2015.

Juxtaposing the natural and the digital, the installation will sit inside a lush indoor jungle full of palms, cacti and other plant life, complete with hidden altars of Fini’s signature plexiglass pieces. Illuminating neons and converted vintage computers spilling over with natural imagery will also be present amongst the flora.

Past installations by Fini.

The Secret Paths to Marina Fini presented by Open Color opens on July 15th at Hebron Arts in San Fransisco.

To learn more and support the show’s production, check out the online fundraiser here.

Check out our tour of Marina’s dreamy former studio here