Introducing The Ultra Regular Podcast

A podcast about regular stuff.

After years of saying I’m gonna do this, guess what? I did it. The Ultra Regular Podcast is here! In the coming episodes this podcast will be used to discuss things featured on the site at length, but to start it off I thought I’d bring some of my friends on for some fun conversations. Hope y’all enjoy it! 

The Ultra Regular podcast is now on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Anteneh Gebre & Rachel Harvey (DJ Ursa Minor) talk about going on tour with Felly, how she finds inspiration for her mixes, her love of Soulection, how important consuming art is for those who create it, her In Transit feature, & the downsides of being a woman in the male dominant world of DJing.

Anteneh Gebre & Kelly Benjamin talk about his trip to New York, NYFW, his piece for Ultra Regular, and purging our closets. Read Confessions of a Wannabe Style Icon by Kelly Benjamin here.

Anteneh Gebre & Adam Mengestab (Judas The Cub) talk about his new beat tape, the Dallas Mavericks, Matt Ryan, & Wrestling. And of course Nas vs Morgan Freeman. All of the music from today’s episode is from Judas The Cub’s Park, which you can download for free at

Anteneh Gebre & Javier Navarro talk about MLK day, why live sporting events may or may not be trash, the Dallas Mavericks, 2k, terrible streaming apps, & more!